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Mickey Berlianshik

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Mickey Berlianshik

Kings Buildings

Mickey Berlianshik a seasoned entrepreneur, based in Brooklyn New York.

Having worked in the real estate industry at numerous capacities, for a number of years, Mickey Berlianshik has made a name for himself in the Brooklyn community. Mickey began his entrepreneurial career at an early age as a real estate agent. Growing up, Mickey’s mother worked in the industry and thus, Mickey was introduced to the profession at a young age. Though Mickey found great success as a real estate agent, he had irrefutable desire to further impact his community.

After a number of years working as a real estate agent, Mickey realized a greater passion of his, which was taking a distressed asset in the community and turning that into something that could greatly benefit the lives of others. Be it an apartment complex or community center, Mickey saw great value in what others deemed unfortunate. Through his innovative mind and his unparalleled hunger for success, Mickey Berlianshik has made quite the impression on his Brooklyn community.

As an established entrepreneur, Mickey can appreciate the drive of those individuals looking to pursue similar career paths. Looking back at his career, Mickey can confidently share that, as an entrepreneur, it’s important to be conscious of long-term goals. Furthermore, Mickey has found that one strategy of his that has helped grow his business exponentially is his ability to change his direction in the market constantly.

Today, Mickey continues to pursue his real estate development endeavors with various entrepreneurial pursuits. Together, Mickey Berlianshik and his team work to reform and development properties in the New York City area.

As an eager entrepreneur, Mickey willingly accepts the challenges that come with developing properties and being in tune with current and future markets. Mickey thrives on finding a good deal, making improvements and adding value to the city that he loves. Ultimately, Mickey Berlianshik looks to enrich and improve properties, that in turn, will bring joy to the lives of the people who live in his buildings.