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We’ve all been there. No matter how much you love your job or how hard you work, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Maybe you have a huge project you’re working on and there’s something happening in your personal life or you just aren’t at the top of your game. Whatever the issue, it’s okay to admit you’re feeling overwhelmed and ask for help. Even simply admitting to yourself you’re overwhelmed can help you cope. No one wants to admit they feel like they can’t do something, but being overwhelmed doesn’t automatically make you a failure. If you take steps to fix the issue, you’re taking responsibility and avoiding a possibly even worse issue later on because you were seriously struggling, but kept pushing off helping yourself.

Dump unnecessary tasks

We all waste time doing things that do not actually need to get done or can often wait until much later. Avoid checking your messages, email, and notifications constantly. Stop browsing your newsfeeds for “news” related to your job. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to focus on work when you’re at work. Put all your energy getting done what you need to do.

Prioritize what remains

After you shove the unnecessary tasks to the side, it’s time to evaluate what you have left. The tasks you decided were necessary means they need to get done at some point, but when is that? There’s likely work you have due tomorrow, followed by less pressing deadlines. Something you have due in a week or two should never take precedence over what needs to be completed as soon as possible. Learn how to properly prioritize what you’re doing to avoid feeling overwhelmed. The sooner you get the more pressing and difficult tasks done, the better!

Put in the extra work

After you evaluate the actual work you need to do, make up your mind to put in the extra time to get it done. Maybe you work slow or maybe your job just requires more time than normal. If this reality isn’t for you, you might want to think about finding a new career. However, if you’re willing to tough it out, you need to resolve yourself to putting in extra work. That might mean going to the office earlier and staying later or working on the occasional weekend. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and have a lot to get done, you need to extend your working hours to give yourself more time to complete everything.

Talk to someone you trust

Finally, you’ll want to find someone you can confide in about feeling overwhelmed. This may or may not be your manager; if you think they’ll help you and be sympathetic, confiding in them is fine! However, if you are afraid it could impact whether or not they believe you’re doing your job well, find someone else. Talking to a family member or close friend who has no connection to your job might be the best option, because they’re more neutral and can give you unbiased advice and support.