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We’ve all encountered it; the complete lack of motivation to get something done, no matter what it is. There are various reasons someone may feel this way, but it doesn’t prevent this lack of motivation from messing with your life. As a boss, there are probably times when you see that your employees are unmotivated and are worried about what it means for the work they need to get done. A lack of motivation on the part of workers in a company can be one of the worst issues to come up, so it’s incredibly beneficial to know how to keep them motivated. Follow these tips to help your employees (and yourself) get done what needs to be completed.

Share your goals

A boss often makes the mistake of not treating employees like actual members of a company. If a company succeeds or fails, it affects employees just like it affects those in administrative roles. Employees feel much more included and motivated when they understand the goals of the organization they’re working with and can see an overarching goal to work toward. Let employees know about the company’s vision and they’ll feel like they’re doing work that can actually help.

Give and ask for feedback

Employees want feedback. Do so in a polite way that makes them feel like you’re trying to help them improve. Once your employees know you’re trying to help them do better, they’ll be encouraged to listen to your feedback. At the same time, it’s important to show employees you’re open to feedback as well. Conduct anonymous surveys they can respond to and make sure they know you’re available to talk about issues or to hear suggestions.

Reward great employees

Sometimes, you’ll have incredible employees who go above and beyond what’s expected of them. It’s time to reward these employees. You don’t have to give them a raise if the company doesn’t have the resources, you can do something simple like giving out an employee of the month award or some other form of recognition. Once your employee feels appreciated for their work, you’ll see much more motivation.

Challenge them

While some people may prefer to skate by without doing much work, these are not the kind of people you want working for your company. Most employees like to feel challenged at their job so they can be proud of what they’ve accomplished. You may feel like a project is too difficult or important to entrust to employees, but you should definitely ask for their input and help or work with them on it. Even if it’s a bit above their skill set, helping them develop new skills benefits all of you.

Make sure you’re motivated

Finally, make sure you’re motivated too and present yourself that way to your employees. If you give the impression that you’re only coming into work for the paycheck and never put in extra time or effort, it’ll be more difficult for your employees to feel motivated to accomplish what they need to. Create an environment you all want to work in and keep working hard!