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When you’re starting a business, you usually look for a business partner. It can be extremely beneficial to have someone to work with, who has experience in the industry and can balance out your weaknesses and provide new strengths. Many people choose to go into business with a close friend or family member that they trust. However, no matter who you’re considering as a business partner, you need to be really careful when choosing them because you never know how it could work out. You may know someone who has loads of experience and seems affable, but there are a few steps you should take before deciding to make sure you’re choosing the best person for the job. The last thing you want is a difficult business partner who makes it nearly impossible to accomplish your business goals. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before committing to a business relationship.

Do you have a strong trust in them?

Trust may be the single most important trait when choosing a business partner. You’re putting yourself out there by starting a business and you’re making a major financial, professional, and personal investment. If you do not completely trust the person you’re partnering with, you need to rethink the partnership. Do you trust them to make decisions without you? What about decisions involving money? Trust is vital when it comes to business.

Have you worked with them before?

A huge mistake people make is partnering with someone simply because they have desirable experience and skills. If you haven’t previously been around this person in a professional environment, you might want to consider easing into your business partnership so you can see what they’re like in a workplace setting. If you cannot directly attest to their temperament, work ethic, and skill level, you might want to reconsider.

Do you balance each other out?

When choosing a business partner, you want to pick someone different from you, who has strengths and weaknesses that balance out your own. Avoid choosing someone exactly the same as you because it could lead to a severe lack of necessary skills in some area of your business. Find a business partner who balances you so you can work together efficiently.

Do you share the same vision?

If you go into business with another person, you need to have the same vision for your business. Make sure they’re as committed as you and won’t bail if work starts getting difficult. You need to have the same goals and values when it comes to running the business or you’ll encounter bitter disagreements on how everything should be run. Find someone you trust who’s as passionate about the business as you are and you’re set for success.